HealthSystems understands Cardiology. We serve as an active practice advocate, working in partnership with our customers to install, upgrade and support your EHR software technology, and train your clinical and office staff on how to make the most of your Centricity Practice Solution investment.

Centricity Practice Solution’s flexible encounter forms align to the cardiologist’s workflow, at the same time capturing critical measures that are needed for MU attestation. The ability to integrate electronic medical data from external systems (PACS images, EKG, Holter monitors, ECHO, stress test, etc.) also streamlines the clinical workflow, giving cardiologists faster access to data and reducing the waiting time for results. Streamlined workflows also allow more focused time for staff to serve patients, and it places the information you need as a cardiologist at your fingertips, enabling you to accelerate diagnosis and treatment.

Our core business is focused on three service areas:

general electric (ge) partnerAs a valued partner with GE Healthcare for over 10 years, HealthSystems has a track record of unprecedented customer satisfaction for EMR support and service. Our goal is simple: to help you build your best practice.

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