Focus on Patients, Not on Paperwork

Choosing practice management and EMR software is big decision. It’s important to select an easy-to-use, functionally rich certified software solution that can be specifically tailored for your practice’s needs. It’s also crucial to choose a powerful, flexible product that will be supported, enhanced and updated as your practice grows and changes. That’s why so many physicians choose GE Healthcare’s Centricity Practice Solution. It’s a great choice in EHR software for today and tomorrow.

GE Healthcare is committed to healthcare for the long term. The company has been an innovator in the healthcare technology arena for more than 25 years. Through a corporate initiative called “healthymagination,” GE has recently committed $6 billion to develop innovative offerings that deliver better care to more people at lower cost via:

  • Efficient, user-friendly technology
  • Solutions that are easy to deploy
  • Powerful reporting and flexible workflow tools

More than 35,000 clinicians already rely on software from Centricity Practice Solution. It is an affordable, predictable investment that can help you navigate healthcare regulatory changes, increase your practice efficiencies and maximize your revenue cycle.

Centricity Practice Solution EMR software delivers information to the center of care and helps you and your staff take care of your patients and the practice, from the first visit to the final reimbursement, and every point in between.

Learn the benefits of Centricity Practice Solution’s EMR module.

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Build your practice to new heights

Our HealthSystems team has the expertise to help your practice identify and prepare for new opportunities. We work collaboratively and will listen to you to understand your needs, offering progressive technology that is customizable and interoperable to help you build your best practice.

Learn about the power of GE Centricity Practice Solution (CPS), an integrated EMR and PM software solution that is exceptionally customizable, seamlessly interoperable and truly progressive.