Install Centricity on Your Own Hardware or Host with Us

Centricity Practice Solution can be deployed in three ways — installed, hosted or ASP —and HealthSystems supports all of these options. Which is right for your practice? It depends on your needs, your comfort level with technology, and what makes the most financial sense for your practice.

Installed — you own the software and the hardware
For practices that want to control their hardware in-house, installed is the way to go. You (or your outside hardware vendor) have total control and responsibility for the equipment and its maintenance. You manage your own database servers, data backups and hardware upgrades.

Hosted — you own the software and rent the hardware
For practices that don’t want to worry about keeping up with technology changes, hosted may be the best option. Hosting is often referred to as “cloud computing.” You still own the software, but your application and all of your data is installed, configured and maintained on servers located offsite in a secure data center. You can also host your email, accounting and other applications on outside servers so that all of your data is backed up in one location. Click here for more information about our hosting services.

ASP or SaaS — you rent both hardware and software
For practices interested in renting both software and hardware, we also offer Application Service Provider (ASP) or Software as a Service (SaaS) options. These options make financial sense for certain practices.

Note that you are not locked into a deployment option forever. We can help you determine which way is best for you now and in the future.