HealthSystems understands Ophthalmology. We serve as an active practice advocate, working in partnership with practitioners to install, upgrade and support your electronic health records technology, and train your clinical and office staff on how to make the most of your Centricity Practice Solution investment.

Centricity Practice Solution contains rich Ophthalmology content for HPI, histories, and ROS, as well as other customization important to ophthalmology and optometry practices, including:

  • Detailed Ophthalmology testing forms: Amsler grid, color vision, gonioscopy, diplopia fields and more
  • Refraction forms with vision flowsheets, allowing quick data entry for R/L components
  • Ophthalmology history summary forms, that bring important data together in one view
  • Drawing tool for marking ophthalmology diagrams for patient charts
  • Customized billing for Ophthalmology and Optometry practices

Our core business is focused on three service areas:

general electric (ge) partnerAs a valued partner with GE Healthcare for over 10 years, HealthSystems has a track record of unprecedented customer satisfaction for support and service of our EMR software. Our goal is simple: to help you build your best practice.

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