HealthSystems understands Otolaryngology. We serve as an active practice advocate, working in partnership with ENT practices to install, upgrade and support your electronic health records technology, and train your clinical and office staff on how to make the most of your Centricity Practice Solution investment.

For example, our EHR software includes clinical order set-up functionality which progressively drills down to specific selections based on body area and test category. And “Smart Commands” with one command drive the workflow for common procedures including: protocol with CPT codes, clinical text, medications administered, patient education, and automatic tasks for patient scheduler.

Centricity Practice Solution encompasses many other key features that are important to an Otolaryngologist:

  • Clinical forms and workflow for ENT and Audiology
  • Custom HPI Templates for ENT
  • Custom physical exam forms for ENT
  • Custom forms for laryngoscopies and other tests

Our core business is focused on three service areas:

general electric (ge) partnerAs a valued partner with GE Healthcare for over 10 years, HealthSystems has a track record of unprecedented customer satisfaction for support and service of our EMR software. Our goal is simple: to help you build your best practice.

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Audiogram provides the ability for ENT practices to enter all the standard frequencies as measured by an audiometer and graph the results. The graphing tool is designed to replicate all the ANSI industry standard symbols for Air/Bone Conduction and has options to display test results based on the use of headphones, insert phones, sound field and aided sound field.

If your practice is interested in Audiogram for ENT give us a call at 404-201-1300.