Additional Solutions for Your Specific Needs

Bringing value to the Centricity Practice Solution software above and beyond the core application

HealthSystems is pleased to work with several trusted third party solution partners. These partners provide products, services and technology to round out the Centricity Practice Solution (CPS) installation.

GE Healthcare

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Patient Engagement

Clearwave. Offers a self-service kiosk registration solution that allows patients to check-in, remit payments, scan driver’s license and insurance cards all at the kiosk. Once theClearwave Logo patient has completed check-in, insurance is automatically verified, demographic updates and payments are transmitted real-time to GE Centricity, resulting in faster patient check-ins and better data quality. Click here to see how HealthSystems customer Alabama Orthopedic Spine & Sports Medicine Associates uses the Clearwave self-service patient registration solution. Click here to learn more about the many benefits of using a kiosk in your practice.

ezAccess Patient PortalezAccess Patient Portal. This affordably priced Patient Portal is fully integrated into your Centricity PM and EMR environment. With ezAccess Patient Portal practices can raise productivity, realize greater profitability and improve patient care.

Phreesia. Optimizes your front desk to streamline your operations and improve the financial position of your practice. Phreesia Phreesia digitizes intake, automates eligibility and benefits verification, calculates and collects patient responsibility, and more. Click here to learn more about the integration between Centricity Practice Solution and Phreesia.

Practice Management

CallPointe. A web-based, automated appointment reminder service for medical practices, CallPointe’s service reduces office no-shows and frees medical staff to spend more time with patients.

Centricity EDI. GE Healthcare’s Centricity Electronic Data Interchange Services provides eligibility, electronic claims submission, denial/rejection management and electronic remittance advice, allowing you to maximize staff productivity.

  • Centricity EDI Hosted Claims Manager is a rules-based, front-end clinical editing tool that allows you to review claims before submission. Hosted Claims Manager offers database editing functionality and a flexible rules engine that applies your customized rules to payer-specific contracts before claim submission, helping to reduce claim denials, shorten the accounts receivable cycle and increase the timeliness of collections.
  • DenialsIQ™ helps customers identify unseen patterns from within claims denials to optimize revenue performance and reduce costs. DenialsIQ provides insight that makes it possible to reduce cost to collect, accelerate cash flow and reduce bad debt.

Management Resource Group Solutions. MRG provides HIPAA-compliant billing, collections and software support services to physician practices with no upfront licensing or hardware costs.

PSC DATAExpress. Simplify patient billing communications and collections with PSC Info Group’s DATAExpress solutions. PSC provides statement/letter printing and distribution, address standardization/correction services and PAYMENTExpress online patient payment portal.

Reimbursement Analytics. Offers organizations the tools and insights that can help inform more strategic decisions. With near real-time access to actionable reimbursement and productivity metrics, proactive email alerts, and simple deployment, Reimbursement Analytics enables you to quickly identify and respond to changes in an increasingly competitive market.

Summit logoSummit Software Technologies. Offering several add-on solutions that help solve problems and reduce costs. Click here for a full list and description of their Practice Management solutions.

. Communicate more effectively with patients, pharmacies and other providers via Kryptiq’s secure messaging, patient portal, document management and eScriptMessenger eRx solution.

liaisonLiaison Healthcare Informatics. Used by more than 4,000 physicians nationwide, EMR-Link integrates labs and radiology services into your EMR ordering and resulting workflows.

Midmark. Offering clinical workflow integration solutions, the Midmark IQ Digital Diagnostics System makes it fast and easy to capture, interpret and retrieve patient information via digital diagnostic tools — IQecg IQspiro, IQholter, IQstress and IQvitals.

Mobility. The perfect companion for on-call physicians making rounds or needing to check in with patients and associates when away from the office.

PatientLink. PatientLink is the fastest way to enter clinical data into your electronic health record. In just 10 to 15 seconds, PatientLink easily captures past medical, family and social history, risk factors review of systems and assessment questionnaires.

Summit Software Technologies. Offering several add-on solutions that help solve problems and reduce costs. Click here for a full list and description of their EMR related add-on solutions.

Compliance Servicescompliance +, llc

Compliance +, LLC. Has been developing customized compliance solutions for the Healthcare industry since 2001. Our goal is to provide the highest quality products and services for reasonable value, and to be flexible and adaptive to manage any size project and scalable to any type of organization.

GSG Compliance. A full service HIPAA compliance consulting company. By utilizing GSG’s collective proven experience and expertise, we offer businesses a comprehensive HIPAA Security solution that will help you fulfill key requirements and manage your risks.GSG-Compliance small