Get paid what you deserve for delivering chronic care management (CCM) services to your patients with chronic conditions. Download our Chronic Care Management information sheet. Consider the time you spend providing non-face-to-face care for CCM. Now, under the new CPT code 99490, all the time spent by clinicians outside the exam room — on the phone or online — providing CCM can be captured and billed. If you treat 100 CCM patients a year, this adds up to $51,500. Available for practices with CPS PM/EMR, our CCM module allows you to track clinician time spent on CCM and automatically bill for the time each month.

  • Capture: To qualify for CCM, patients must opt-in, and receive and sign a CCM care plan. Our easy-to-use encounter form quickly captures this information.
  • Track: Our tool lets you easily track CCM time spent in minutes. You need to provide at least 20 minutes of clinical staff time in CCM services for an individual patient in a calendar month. The time doesn’t need to be consecutive — it just needs to add up to 20 minutes per month.
  • Post: Our charge-posting tool automatically bills patients who meet the CCM criteria. One click displays the specific services provided and associated time. You can also see time pending and billing status.
  • Report: For ease of reporting, analysis and printing, the module provides a CCM detail analysis report, located within the Centricity Reports module.

CCM Charge Posting

Chronic Care Management Encounter Form

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