Fee Schedule Loader for Centricity Practice Solution

Automatically update, copy or create a new fee schedule — in minutes

Having updated fee schedules in your Centricity system is a must. But keeping them current has required an inordinate amount of time — until now.
HealthSystems’ proprietary new Fee Schedule Loader eliminates all of that time and effort by making it easy to update procedure codes with the correct amounts per payer. You can update the fee, allowed and/or RVU amounts, all with just a click.
Affordable and flexible, the Fee Schedule Loader was designed by HealthSystems specifically for Centricity, so it works seamlessly with your system.

Fee Schedule Loader Prompt Screenshot

Know What You Should Be Paid

Keeping your fee schedules up to date means you know exactly what you should be paid for each procedure. Armed with this knowledge you can:

  • quickly determine whether you are being paid according to your contract
  • flag discrepancies between what you are owed and paid
  • manage your accounts receivable more precisely
  • forecast cash flow more accurately

Don’t delay — or dread — updating your fee schedules! Let our Fee Schedule Loader streamline the process for you.

Want to learn more about our Fee Schedule Loader? Contact our office –  800-834-8359 or via email at info@healthsystems.net.