mobility app from healthsystemsHow often do you arrive to see a patient only to discover that you are missing important information? Save yourself and your patients’ valuable time with Mobility.

Mobility allows your patient data to be as mobile as you are when you’re on call or away from the office. With versions for both Apple and Blackberry devices, and real time wireless updates with no need for syncing, it is a solution that fits your 21st-century practice. With a Summary  Screen that displays on one page daily numbers of appointments, no shows,  encounters, charges, collections, filed and rejected claims.

Mobility is the perfect companion for on-call physicians making rounds or needing to check in with patients and associates when away from the offi­ce. Forget bulky lists, cards and folders — on one handheld device, Mobility gives you:

  • Access to reports and patient demographics
  • Remote charge capture
  • Dynamic rounds lists
  • Secured patient data.  No patient information is saved on the device itself.

View more details about Mobility here.