Patient Flow Tracker provides the ability to track, view and optimize patient flow throughout each area of the practice.

In a busy office, keeping track of patients and clinicians is a challenge. With so many moving parts, old-fashioned door flags just don’t cut it. That’s why we developed Patient Flow Tracker.

Available for practices with CPS PM/EMR or PM only or EMR only, Patient Flow Tracker helps you enhance the patient experience, monitor patient flow, identify potential bottlenecks and increase efficiency in your practice. Download our Patient Flow Tracker information sheet.

As soon as the patient checks in, Patient Flow Tracker gives you all the information you need at a glance. See the location of care — waiting room, exam room, lab, MRI or any other locale — and the patient’s status. As staff updates the patient status in the EMR, Patient Flow Tracker tracks each change so your information is always up to the minute.

Staff and clinicians can easily see summary information for the patient including the room status. You can filter based on location, pod, doctor and resource, and even add a patient photo for recognition and identification. For use in non-private areas — waiting room, hallways and clinical areas — a de-identified view is available. You can also set notifications to let clinicians know to complete certain tasks or alert them of patient conditions or routine tests that are due.

Reporting provides metrics on each room status to determine potential areas to increase efficiency. Armed with this data, you can make decisions about how to better schedule and use your resources.

Patient Flow Tracker will change the way your practice works.


  • Created specifically for Centricity CPS (PM/EMR), PM only or EMR only
  • Unlimited number of rooms to accommodate your practice size and type
  • Multiple waiting rooms — x-ray, casting, procedure


  • The Today view shows each checked-in patient and future appointments with appointment details
  • At-a-glance summary information for patient and appointment
  • Flexible filters and sorting show location, pod, doctor and resources
  • Patient de-identified view available for hallways, waiting rooms and non-private settings
  • Notifications and alerts provide clinicians with patient-specific reminders
  • Patient photos help staff and clinicians recognize and identify patients Actionable
  • Reports identify bottlenecks and guide decisions


  • POD and room descriptions
  • Color schemes for individual doctors, nurses and resources
  • Room status based on practice workflow
  • Waiting room types


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